Street photos take a walk to Gallery 8

Two members of the Salt Spring Photography Club will share a joint passion for street photography with an exhibition hosted by Gallery 8 opening Friday, Sept. 8.

Bob Fenske and Curt Firestone will contribute their part to the ongoing discussion of what constitutes street photography and how it should be approached with 21 different images. As they discussed with the Driftwood, there are differences even between how the two friends address the concept, though both have a preference for immediacy over the studied pose.

“There’s a lot of controversy within the street photography community,” Fenske explained. “Some purists say it should be totally candid in order to capture the essence of the scene. But it’s not just about people, it’s also about the surroundings.”

Fenske started the street photography group within the Salt Spring Photography Club, which is where he and Firestone got to know each other and then became good friends. While Fenske’s passion is for people, Firestone has appreciation both for people and for the environment they create.

“I think the show’s a really great mix of how the two of us see the world,” Fenske said.

Firestone has turned his lens to several different areas of focus over the years, including a book of portraits called Faces of Mexico. Much of his art takes place around his second home in that country, because he’s involved in too many community initiatives to find the time when on Salt Spring.

An opening reception for the show takes place at Gallery 8 from 5 to 7 p.m. on Sept. 8. The show runs to Sept. 15.

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