Salt Spring’s Ashton Bachman on CBC Searchlight roster


Salt Spring Island musical talent is once again represented in the CBC Searchlight Contest for undiscovered artists, and this year it’s Ashton Bachman who could use community support to advance his dreams.

Bachman may be a third-generation member of one of Canada’s most famous rock families, but he’s been making his own way as an island-based singer-songwriter. Community members have been deeply impressed by his energy and talent whether it’s playing acoustic sets at local venues or belting out soul tunes during musical productions like Peter on the Brink.

The opening round of Searchlight voting began on Feb. 13. Bachman is currently just one of a wide pool of more than 2,000 artists nationwide looking for the support necessary to get to the next stage of the contest, with voting open until 9 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, Feb. 28. The next round with the national top 100 opens March 1.

To help Bachman with his quest, people can visit his page on the CBC Music website. 

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