Raffi shares Dylan-esque song


In uncertain times old friends are invaluable, and so are words that can guide us to the right actions without giving up hope on the bigger picture.

Salt Spring resident Raffi Cavoukian is a reliable resource for all of the above. There are now a couple of generations of “Beluga grads” who grew up with Raffi’s children’s music, meaning he has friends of all ages across the globe. A new song that he’s released speaks to his own roots as a folk singer while sharing some important messages and lightening the mood around the COVID-19 pandemic, all at the same time.

Cavoukian said the song Dylan Sings Quarantine started with just the first verse, which popped into his head one morning and emerged in the style of early Bob Dylan, with a little help from his ukulele. He posted the clip to Twitter and was surprised many people thought the actual Dylan was singing the lyrics that go along the lines of “Quarantine, quarantine. We gave our life to quarantine. One day we’ll get it back.”

Reinforcing the messaging coming from public health officials in a fun and accessible way is more than just a whimsy for the singer, who is also a well-known advocate for social justice through his children’s foundation and its focus on child-honouring. He carries a sense of responsibility at all times, but especially now.

“I’m doing my part and I think we all can play a part,” Cavoukian said. “It’s a very serious situation. It’s very serious here in Canada but we seem to be ahead of the curve compared to our neighbours to the south, who seem to be in for a rough time. My heart goes out to the afflicted.”

Dylan Sings Quarantine can be found on YouTube.

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