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Nordine trio launches new album

Jazz at Moby's Pub

Moby’s Pub is the place to be for jazz fans this Sunday, June 18 as the Monik Nordine Trio celebrates a new album.

Called The Old-New Town, it features Nordine on saxophone and vocals, Brent Jarvis on Fender Rhodes piano and Bruce Meikle on bass.

The album is Nordine’s third as a leader and described in press material as “her most accomplished work to date.” It recently received a mention in Downbeat Magazine, which is one of the most prestigious jazz publications.  

The Old-New Town is dedicated to Nordine’s former mentor, professor Jan Jarczyk of McGill University. Most of the recording features Nordine’s compositions, with a few exceptions, such as the standard Body and Soul.  

The trio has been working together for a year and has performed in venues in Victoria and across Vancouver Island. 

“All three musicians are exceptional instrumentalists and have a history of performing together, which infuses an intimacy to the music and an ease of communication,” explains a press release. “They have all performed across Canada and abroad with other groups in the past and look forward to performing on Salt Spring.”

Music starts at 7 p.m.

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