Island duo release Go Easy


Salt Spring Island musicians Daemon & Airdrie have signed with a California-based record label and on March 20 released a new music video.

Entitled Go Easy, the single explores human freedom and transformation through letting go.

Daemon & Airdrie are a collaboration between Marley Daemon and Jesse Thom, who have been playing together in various bands for about 10 years.

They recently signed on with GYPSYPOP Records and Go Easy is their third single on the label. The song’s video was filmed on Salt Spring, both in their studio and on a canoe trip on Cusheon Lake.

“Our lyrics will sort of express that imprisoned sense that a human can feel and it’ll juxtapose that with the sense of freedom that is possible when we’re able to come into our bodies and drop our thinking mind,” Thom said.

He describes the band’s sound as “ghost pop,” a mixture of familiar pop music structure with an influence in meditation and healing.

“The space [in the music] allows ghosts to emerge in a certain kind of way,” he said. “That provides an atmosphere and opportunity for feelings to come up and to make themselves known to us . . . These are parts of ourselves that we’ve killed off at one point. These are the ghosts returning.”

The new Go Easy single is available for download at

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