Ganges Alley transformation continues with mural addition

Artist Rea Zogia creates ‘Daughter Reader Dreamer’


The back side of Ganges Alley has sported a more attractive look in recent years with improvements to the waterside pathway and fencing. That environment became more welcoming still beginning in August when work on a mural project by Rea Zogia and friends got started.

Zogia is a Greek-Canadian artist who formed the company MoonRay Designs after moving to Salt Spring in 2015. The Ganges Alley project, named Daughter Reader Dreamer, is the most visible work to date from this young up-and-comer.

Zogia is self-taught as an artist but grew up with an art historian mother, so had a built-in education at home. She approached Ganges Alley property manager David Grayson about doing a painting after becoming acquainted with the new vendor area created in 2017. (Her partner Zak Kovac rented space there for his Kovac Creations stall.) Grayson liked the idea and proposed Zogia submit a design for the fencing that goes around the main propane storage tank. She came back with the image of a young girl dreaming in front of an oversized shelf of inspiring book titles.

“When I saw I would be working with vertical fenceposts, I thought about books,” Zogia explained. “Then the books made me think about a project that my friend Loren Hendin put together.”

To see more of Zogia’s art, visit or see her Instagram page @moonray_designs.

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