Comic Strippers return for night of improv


An improv comedy troupe that has thrilled audiences worldwide for more than a decade — including some on Salt Spring Island — is bringing a new show to the ArtSpring stage this month.

The Comic Strippers have won a best live production Canadian Comedy Award and been on numerous TV shows, including CBC’s Just for Laughs, CTV’s Comedy Inc. and NBC’s Late Friday. On Saturday, March 26, three group members will present The Improvisers.

One of them, Roman Danylo, explains the difference between past shows and The Improvisers.

“The Comic Strippers show concept is a group of fake male strippers trying their hand at improv comedy. In real life we’re all improv comedians that have been doing it for about 30 years each. In this stripped-down version of the show we are fully clothed. However, we’ve all been known to take off our shirts from time to time in any comedy show.”

The Improvisers sees the actors create spontaneous comedy sketches based on audience suggestions. The March 26 show, which begins at 7:30 p.m., is guaranteed to be a fun and high-energy evening with performers who have tons of comedy experience.

Danylo has appeared on CTV’s Comedy Now, Comedy Inc. and Corner Gas, CBC’s Just For Laughs and The Debaters, and played the Winnipeg and Halifax comedy festivals. Michael Teigen is a well-known performer in the improv comedy scene and has also been in many films, TV shows and commercials. He is also a proud kidney donor. Chris Casillan is a longtime Vancouver-based actor, improviser, comedian and musician, and two-time Canadian Comedy Award winner.

Danylo says improv work has delivered the most fun in his acting career.

“There’s just a special electricity that happens when the audience knows you are flying by the seat of your pants. Improv comedy is like learning how to play an instrument: once you figure out how it all works you can just get out there and play.”

Danylo also gave high ratings to past audiences at ArtSpring.

“We absolutely love Salt Spring. The crowds here have always been super enthusiastic. We’d love to come do a show here once a month if we could.”

Like all live performers who were kept off stages due to the pandemic, they are really looking forward to getting back on track.

“There’s certainly an extra level of gratitude we are feeling for being able to tour and do shows with our friends again,” he said.

Tickets are available through ArtSpring at

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