Colour comes to Mahon Hall

Guild exhibit opens Aug. 23



The final Showcase of the Artcraft season begins its run on Aug. 23 and ends when Artcraft closes on Sept. 15.

Artcraft is very excited to welcome the Salt Spring Island Weavers and Spinners Guild to the stage at Mahon Hall to present Seasons in Colour. This is a collective exhibition of new works by 15 members of the guild rising to the challenge of representing the colours of the seasons in their own unique way.

Following guidelines on dimensions creates a certain uniformity in the pieces, but that is where the similarities end, as different materials, techniques, abstractions and representations mark each work with the stamp of the artist.

It is the colours that immediately strike the eyes of the visitor; from the subtle to the blazing; from a monochrome look at lush spring foliage by June Simmons to a vivid mix of reds and yellows in the heat of late summer and fall by Sandra Hodgins.

The weavers and spinners have created a collection that invites the visitor to sit, look and wonder at the visual feast that the seasons bring.

Having met for more than 40 years, the guild aims to maintain traditional practices and approaches to their art, whilst also exploring the boundaries of technique and new materials. In Seasons in Colour they have done just that, and in spectacular fashion.

During the run, members of the guild will take to the stage and demonstrate both their weaving and spinning techniques to create a new shawl made from local wool spun on the island. This touch brings a closer bond between artist and public and should be a fascinating addition to the work on the walls.

An opening celebration for the show will be held on Friday, Aug. 23 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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