ArtSpring Treasure Fair team seeks donations



There are so many ways to support ArtSpring, but our annual fundraiser, Treasure Fair — set for July 14-17 this year — is certainly the most fun. 

We’re back with an in-house and online event this year, and the nine-strong event and acquisitions team is working hard to gather unique treasures, gifts and experiences to add to the silent and live auction catalogues. 

Last year’s online-only event saw fewer items available and a more modest fundraising goal. But now back in the ArtSpring galleries with lots of display space, Treasure Fair coordinator Catherine Griffiths is looking to increase the catalogue to 400 silent and up to 24 high-ticket live auction items. And that’s where we hope you can help. 

“This year we’re really getting back in the swing again,” Griffiths said. “ArtSpring will be relaunching back to a full season and Treasure Fair is also ramping up.” 

The team has already received many special treasures. 

“We have some unique collectibles: a beautiful antique music box, and a Frankie the Frog Disney figurine that was only given to crew who worked on the movie. We’re starting to get some great experiences too, including off-island accommodations, and concert tickets for performances in Vancouver and Victoria.” 

The team still has categories to fill, and in particular is hoping to attract some large furniture pieces, modern china and cutlery sets. 

Donating something to Treasure Fair couldn’t be easier. The website ( has an online Item Donation form, and this year we have additional storage to house your donations in. All donors receive a tax receipt, and donations are gratefully accepted up to Friday, June 24. 

If you’d love to get involved in the event itself, the team is looking for volunteer help with setting up displays, bid monitoring (including helping eager shoppers to place bids online), and event takedown. Contact Catherine Griffiths at

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