Arts council launches COVID music chronicles



A year of living with COVID has taught us so much about what is truly important, what we can live without, and what we desperately look forward to getting back to. 

The pandemic has shown us fragile fault-lines in those things we previously took for granted. Musicians and live music have taken a substantial blow as a result of the last year. Working musicians who rely on gigs, session work or teaching have had to restructure their livelihoods. Yet so many continue to find ways to create, collaborate and share their music with fans — and for those of us who love music, their songs are the balm we need now, more than ever. 

We invited eight Salt Spring Island musical acts to Mahon Hall and asked them each to perform a song we could share on their behalf. We also asked them what kind of support they need now — until live music returns — from their fans and their community. 

It’s going to be a while before the live music economy can rebuild. In the meantime, we can support our incredible local talent. 

Throughout March we are featuring videos by IRTH (Mar. 1), El Jose (Mar. 4), Renée Layla (Mar. 9), Fawkes & Hownd (Mar. 11), Suzy Gay (Mar. 15), The Buck Dodgers Stringband (Mar. 18), Trisha Spire (Mar. 22) and Luke Wallace (Mar. 25), all captured by local production team Syd Woodward (videography) and Harley Dunn (sound). 

Watch the arts council’s social channels and website for all eight videos and make sure to share them:

If you are looking for other ways to support local musicians: find them online and buy their music, follow their social channels, hit the like, heart, follow and pre-save campaigns – it’s a way to boost their music in the playing field of algorithms and make your support count. 

For more information on all these artists, check out the musician directory on the arts council website. 

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