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Artists from the Fringe hold silent auction

The Artists from the Fringe group is holding a silent auction of selected works this Sunday, Aug. 13 at the Salt Spring United Church from 2 to 4 p.m.

The auction aims to help fund more art supplies for the group’s Art Jam sessions and to provide a space for the artists to make money themselves. It will feature an array of work curated by a third party and will be the artists’ third show since its inception in 2015.

Art Jam is a weekly get-together that hosts Salt Spring artists who, as they would say, “live rough.”

One of the artists whose work is being showcased at the auction goes by the name of Ohrm. He’s been drawing most of his life and prefers to live outdoors.

“I can’t imagine living inside,” he said, explaining that he feels being indoors stifles his creativity and sense of self. He prefers the outdoors for “the freedom of it, the fresh air. Being in touch with the Earth. I’m not necessarily claustrophobic. I feel like there is a relationship with my mental state and where I am.”


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