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Painters host annual summer show

Scholarship also awarded to GISS student

The Salt Spring Painters Guild opened the biggest event of its season on Saturday, bringing another pleasingly varied round of work to the ArtSpring gallery for its summer exhibition and sale.

With a consistent membership of 100 islanders, the group always provides interesting scope in style and experience level. Picking one’s top-three favourites for the Viewer’s Choice Award is a standard part of the show, but visitors may find it hard to make the selection, when there’s so much variety, any comparison seems unfair, so simple enjoyment rules the day instead.

Working in the watercolour medium, Joanne Sibley captures a sense of place perfectly in A Sunlit Path Tuscany. A nice range of greens and browns conveys the lush hillside setting and the dusty path winding between a low stone wall and fields. The artist has a good sense of how light and deep shadows compete in the tree foliage, while a person leading a white horse rounding the bend add the perfect splash of colour and movement.

The show continues daily at the ArtSpring gallery through Thursday, Aug. 10.

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